MobstarGame (Mafia based MMORPG) 2.10 is out now!

New feature:
- The official MobstarGame app for Android (1.0) is launched. Enjoy playing a lot, but not all, features on Android / Google Play!
Full release note.

- We added “constructors” to your characters profile. You can select 4 types to help you with producing and development on your personal real estate. Be carefull you can only select one product.
Full release note.

- Browserpush: to help you see all new releases and updates we added browser push to web. So if you enter the website accept the push and we will inform you on all major updates, releases and new features!
Full Release note.

Feature updates:
- We added the famous O+ smiley as requested by the players;
- We added the “Show all drugs” button on a country overview as well as the “Show all” version. So it’s more easy to find the stocks on the country drug store.
- We updated the performance and tweaked some more.
- We added a request by “Rickert”
You can now reply to a crew message. It will be added to the communications tab of the “Minister of Communication”. This way a crew knows better about the current mindset of the gangsters within the crew.
- We added a request by “Killer” & “DutchFrans”
As a non-paying member you can now acces the financial market, black market, organized crimes & the hitlist. Happy gaming of course.

Poker update:
- If a table is not started by the table owner, the poker table will automatically be removed after 4 hours;
- Fixed the non kick inactive player issue;
- Fixed safari refresh bugs.

Support calls:
- Refresh issue for Explosive Experts with the button is fixed;
- GTA issues with pop up + update after update bug is resolved;
- Snitch to gangsters with less then 3 characters is resolved;
- Mobshop infinite loader when to low on ingame cash I resolved;
- Styling issue in image level 3 lead factory is fixed;
- Hospital issue with members joining a crew is fixed;
- Direct shipping issue on mobile;
- Chat issue with driver showing up twice;
- Join lobby issue with refresh and a “no room exist” bug;
- Blackjack stops under 17;
- Floating o in the sell of resources tab in personal real estate;
- Typo in the dropdown under backfire;
- Typo in the GTA pop up.