MobstarGame (Mafia based MMORPG) 2.06 is out now!

Release 2.06:

New feature official released.
As stated before; we introduce the character part on your gangster profile.
Click here for the full details on this new feature.

- New Introduction mail is send to new players.
- Added the female ranks to the domination.
- Added a reward system for crew dominating countries.
- Added an enhancement requested by “The Evil Queen”
When you want to fix a car, give a confirmation pop up.
- Added an enhancement requested by “Jill”
When you die, and you restart… 10% of your money is payed out as “will” on your new character.
- Simplified the bacteria and low life missions. No bust are done on that ranklevel. Keep ranking though really making some money needs great jail skills. Bacteria mission is bust free for all ranks btw.

- Jail settings. Even when getting busted you get a reward. Also changed the settings in busting experience when you actually bust a gangster out of jail.
- Tweaked the killing part and especially the backfire element.
- Tweaked the gambling a bit more

Support calls:
- Avatar issue in the graveyard. Removed the avatar.
- Fixed the FAQ double categorie issue
- Fixed the double points on skillsset
- Drugs not being sold is fixed
- Bullets to members issue is fixed
- Double click inventory on iPad & Safari is fixed
- Domination countries should be country based is fixed
- Minister of Drugs: "from countries" now work and keep track of the KG of drugs transported from that country
- Minister of Drugs:The listview of drug mules now work. You can check purchase prices, times successful runs and much more
- Fixed the dismantle OC when member has screen open issue
- Sometimes jail keeps reloading
- Player online list is not working on IE.

//MobstarGame team