MobstarGame (Mafia based MMORPG) :: Release 1.1

New update is now live. We bring you:

- Database settings for a new module (launch in april): Missions! But, we do not create a mission module like all the other games. No, we want to make it a bit more difficult. So we call it "Dynamic Missions". The missions in length, difficulty and rewards are based upon rank. The mission is time framed, but it's available from the rank of bacteria so you can start making money from day one of your MobstarGame career.

The tasks in your missions are dynamic. So you can't predict what the next element for finishing your missions and claiming your reward will be. Stay tuned for launching this new element in April. Of course this will be also available for iOS and Android (Goole Play) once the applications are released. This is step one we are currently building and testing the module itself.

- The mobile application for iOS and Android (Google Play) now has all the casino's, minor crimes, car theft, main forum, flying, mailbox and some other key features. through our Facebook page (click to like) you will see new movies and updates regarding the app. We hope to bring the first version in may.

- Bragging with your status is an important item of course. So we got the achievements! You can connect them to your profile by a drag and drop system. It's easy to show of your true achievements and collect the unique once to prove you are a true gangster. Of course a reward for each achievement is available as well. We got kill and crimes already. Added "banking" with this release. More honorpoints and fame to collect!

- Advantage of testing beta with players are the bugs which are reported. Thanks! We fixed a couple of them. Each update will also improve the reported bugs, security and performance of the game. Of course we start with the most important issues (Car Theft, Profile issues for example) to give you the best beta experience we can offer.

Fixed a couple of styling issues as well.

That's it. Keep you posted on new MobstarGame updates in the feature.