MobstarGame (Mafia based MMORPG) :: Release 1.8

We are now live on the dedicated MobstarGame environment! Yes. We did have some issues with the movement to the dedicated environment with the accounts. That should be fixed now, but won’t be backwards compatible. Message Keizer to get some rank points and cash to further help testing the game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Smiley’s:

New animated epic new smiley’s. For mail and forum. Enjoy posting your epic smiley’s.


- Resources can be sold of course. But no more random prices. Prices are set upon demand. The less demand the less money. So make sure you pick the right resources to sell to the country drug store owners!

- Country Drug Store owners; make sure that your purchase and get your stocks up and running. The better you stock up, the better your merging will be. Make some cash!

- Drug mules purchase drugs with crew money. So be careful before you spill your money. Select the country that has the best prices to offer for the drugs which are almost sold out at your crew warehouse! That should make some sweet marging for your crew bank.

- Crew warehouse store your drug resources as a crew. The more domination the more money you make in selling KG’s of drugs through domination.

If you have any questions please check the helpdesk. Also the community are testing a lot this weekend regarding the drug update so expect a lot of activities this weekend. If you want to help just come online and post at the forums. We can use all the help we can get to take care of all the elements and find out all the bugs before open beta on May 23rd.


- When you are not high enough in rank car theft is just empty no text with something like this crime is out of your league or something

- When you change your crewname (as Lefthand at least), you don't get a notification that the name has been changed. It just re-directs you back to the "Crew" section, General tab.

- Styling on the FAQ page

- The sell black market issue with CDS vs BF

- View all news on main page = 404 the link should go the news overview page

- Countdown on jailtime doesn't work (Edge and Chrome)

- Make the 'terms and conditions' clearly linked (underline or something)

- When I was 'Hitman' I could do minor crimes for Assassin/Local Boss, like setting an house on fire.

- Dont fill in your gender.. When setting op your account. You won't receive an error message, but when you want to finish the process, nothing happens.

//MobstarGame Team