MobstarGame (Mafia based MMORPG) :: Release 1.5

Dear Mobbers,

We created an enhancement asked by “Jilly”:
When the user is in jail you can now be an active community member.
You can post a MobstarGame forum post, e-mail or check out your crew forum.

We created an enhancement asked by "LWS":
Can we add a (0) to jail. So you can see whether there players in jail at the moment? Make it until (100+) so a player know that the jail is full and they can bust..

Fixed the "Organized Crimes”.

Each member (except the leader) has a task. It’s triggered somewhere between the 30 minutes period for the organized crime. You got one minute to do your job. If you are too late the entire organized crimes fails and you lose all your gear. The faster you click the higher your chance of successfully rob the bank, but failure is alway’s an option. The better gear and rank your team got, the higher your chance of taking away some cash money.

- Show the country when you are doing an organized crime;
- Add a cancel button to the missions. So a player can cancel the mission and the cool down for four hours start immediately;
- Present the reward when you finish the mission. "Claim your $ 1.000.000 reward” currently you don’t know how much you get when finishing your mission;
- Styling in Chrome got a clear white typografie in firefox, safari and IE got more dark once. Those are pretty hard to read in mailbox and main forum.

- Bug: Shooting an enemy now exctually gives real damage;
- Bug: Personal real estate & Crew real estate still got Lorem ipsum (text already provided);
- Bug: selected 6 constructors for crew real estate but only 5 are connected;
- Bug: Ephedrine picture is broken;
- Bug: Multiple Mobshop issues;
- Bug: Avatar issues in uploading a new one;
- Some other improvements.