MobstarGame (Mafia based MMORPG) :: Release 1.4 (Minor)

Created an idea from “The Butcher"

"Maybe add a number of reactions on a grave on the overview? So you can see who was populair within the game?"

Bugs fixed:

- Bug: Gift you find in a car when you steal it are a bit to much.

- Bug: When selecting a gun your inventory breaks down.
It also destroy’s kill, organized crimes and much more.

- Bug: Can't donate my lead to the crew bulletfactory.

- Bug: Country drug store shows inactive countries.

- Bug: Remove drugs that have the status "Sold".
That's annoying and creating a long list on your drug lab.

- Bug: I selected 6 members as constructor, only 5 are active.

- Bug: when you wish to update your real estate without enough cash, you get no call back that you don't have enough cash.

- All the reported textual issues.

We hope to make another release before the weekend with more fixed bugs. This update was mainly done due to the inventory issues.