MobstarGame :: Mobile Application 0.9 update for iOS and Android (Google Play)

So, some great news regarding the mobile application. We decided (based upon our in-game community questions) to launch a 1.0 version [b]within the next weeks[/b].

It’s not complete, but it’s there to enjoy a long (but not complete) list of features. The data is 100% real-time - it's equal to the web version. We will continue improving both the application and the web version. Because updating is a bit more easy for web, the web version is always a bit ahead of the mobile applications.

The goal is to reach a launch for the 1.0 version as soon as possible. We are now testing the last elements and bugs before we launch the 1.0 version for iOS and Android (Google Play). Of course it’s 100% free to download. And as mentioned before we worked on inventory, mobshop & character. Great news: done! So now we are ready to intensify the tests and bug tracking before we commit it to Apple & Google Play and after that to the community.

iOS (Apple) has to review our code, that can take up to two weeks. So we take 2 weeks for further debug, and 2 weeks for iOS, which means that in July the application is launched. So that’s it. You know what’s coming in 1.0. We are working on 1.1 already but that also takes time for our design and marketing teams. Of course, we will update you in the upcoming weeks with every step, feature and enhancement you will surely send to us in feedback.

Thanks for support, testing and the feedback. Let’s make it awesome!

//MobstarGame team