Mobstar Game App 1.1 second new feature announcement: Smuggling


We already announced that "Personal Real Estate" will be in the 1.1 application update as it was announced as the first new feature for the 1.1 update. Today we proudly present the second new feature which is coming in the 1.1 release: Smuggling. But that's not all, smuggling will be added to the missions element as well.

You can purchase and sell to make profit. To make it as easy as possible we added the prices (dynamic every four hours) to the Mobstar Forum. Make sure to check the current prices before flying to the support countries: Colombia, USA, The Netherlands and China.

You can hold on to a certain amount of kilo's based upon rank:
- Bacteria 1 KG
- Low life 2 KG
- Apprentice 3 KG
- Hitman 5 KG
- Assassin 7 KG
- Local Boss 10 KG
- Boss 15 KG
- Godfather 20 KG

So rank up and make some nice extra cash within the app.
We also added the smuggling elements to the missions. So be careful when you finish a certain step within a mission in order to not fail this missions. Everybody wants to claim that reward! You can make up to 1.000.000 so it's kind of important.