Mobstar Game App 1.1 first new feature announcement: Personal Real Estate


As you know we like to update you on the work that we are doing, things we are building or stuff we are updating. So here it is. The first screenshots regarding the 1.1 release for Google Play (Android) and iOS.

We are proud to announce that "Personal Real Estate" is the first announcement. So let's start off with "Personal Real Estate". As a gangster you can build and improve your real estate from level 1 to 10. We currently support Villa, Lead Factory and Drug Lab.

Villa: Improve your villa to get more and more security on your account. The more secure you are, the less likely the chance to die. So that might come in handy as a gangster.

Drug Lab: Our drugplan within the game is totally different then all the other gangster games. As a gangster your produce resources. These resources are produced and soled based upon the stock in the "Country Drug Store" a casino owned by a gangster. Later you can buy and sell the drugs in different countries to make loads of profits. Also drug mules in a crew can make some extra cash for the crew by smuggling drugs to the crew warehouse and sell them through domination.That's an element in the crew which is coming soon to the application as well.

Lead Factory: Of course you can produce lead in order to make bullets. You can either sell them to a "bulletfactory" owned by a gangster, or donate lead to your crew. That's right. Crews got "Crew Real Estate" with a own bulletfactory. This is launched in a later version of the application. But can already be played through the web version.

So here it is. In the 1.1 update for iOS and Android we support "Personal Real Estate" so you can update and improve 24/7 and win the fight with your competitors by earning more and improve more then all the others.

Enough reason to add it to the app and make it available 24/7. Playing on web & app has a real time connection. So all the effort is added to your account. Keep an eye out for release 1.1 for Android (Google Play) and iOS because you can and may expect "Personal Real Estate".

In the upcoming period we will reveal more and more of what to expect in the upcoming release.


//MobstarGame team