Mobile application update on MobstarGame


As mentioned before we are working on the apps for iOS and Android. This week we wanted to finish the properties & hitlist. So here is the good news. We created it. Not only that, we also created “missions” & “properties” in the apps.

So we now got this list in beta / testing phase:
- Splashpage
- Login / create a character
- Home
- All the menu’s working
- Blackjack
- Lottery
- Roulette
- Dice Game
- Main Forum
- Mailbox
- Crimes
- Skills
- Jail
- Support
- Connections
- Search
- Properties
- Hitlist
- Missions

Our focus in the upcoming week:
- Kill
- Settings

Still some weeks of development to go, but we are making a lot of progress.

Keep you posted as always.

//MobstarGame team