Official Mobstargame mobile application update 0.8


So, yet another update regarding the app. You can't wait for it, but neither can we. So how about an update first? We promised you:
- Profile view
- Profile edit
- Country overview

That's what we did. Also we are created the domination overview, and even buying a plot.

So now a major part starts: creating the inventory, character & mobshop element to the apps.

But, let's start about the release. We want to introduce the app in a 1.0 version. Then after that release we update the app step by step towards the entire web version. For now we will be releasing without some elements:
- Crew
- Crew positions
- Crew forum
- Graveyard
- (personal) Stats
- Financial Market
- Black Market
- Organized Crimes
- (crew) Real Esate
- Helpdesk
- Poker
(random order)

The rest is done. Of course this will be our main priority to build the app with full web functions. But as you might know, iOS checks every update so it takes some time to release an update. If you give us some time after the release we are willing to release the 1.0 version asap after we created the inventory and mobshop & fixed the reported support calls on the test apps.

So, how about it? If we finish this we release it and you gangsters help us with the app and it's functions. We continue to update the app and the community of course. All web version will be added to the app as soon as possible.

//MobstarGame team