Marketing activities regarding MobstarGame.com the mafia based browsergame

Marketing Activities
Where the mobsters at?! Well, we’re working on increasing the number of active players as we speak.

We have chosen for a slow growth strategy. This will give us the time to address the support calls, but also gives us the opportunity to monitor and tweak the economy. Before all hell breaks loose.

So, what kind of marketingactivities do we employ?

Social Media Marketing
Not only do we use our Facebook channel to inform you guys on the latest updates and ingame developments, we also advertise on Facebook. New recruits are being hustled in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. In the future, we’ll expand this to other countries. The numbers on the official account are growing pretty rapidly. We have around the 60 new likes every week. We are also planning some nice win campagnes in the upcoming weeks.

Online Advertising
Have you seen them in the wild? The MobstarGame.com banners are being placed on game-related sites on the world-wide-web, in order to reach gamers. Gamers that are waiting to be slaughtered and extorted by experienced players!

Furthermore, we’re employing tactics like search engine advertising and re-marketing on a small scale.

Online Directories and Game Review Sites
We’re adding our game to several websites who list MMORPGS and other games. This way, highly relevant players will come to the game. Players with experience in online maffia games, players you can team up with to do great things.

For instance; check out http://mpogtop.com/in/1465243884. Every click on this link counts as a ‘vote’ for MobstarGame.com, which will result in more exposure on "MPOG Top", which will result in more players in time. Win!

Have you seen good websites where games are listed? Please suggest them, mail us at marketing@mobstargame.com

Of course, we all want thousands of players in the game. The more people, the more fun! But, we have to keep the game clean and working. We’re convinced our approach will result in a better game for everyone in the long run.

Thanks for your attention, we’ll keep you posted!

//MobstarGame team