Major Announcement: First casino enters the game


We got a whole lot of sharing to do.. Not only 12 brothels, 3 country drug stores, 3 blackjacks, 3 roulette's, 3 dice games but of course also 3 bullet factories belong to the community. With this grow in players, sign-ups and most of all activity it's time to start rewarding that. So, we are very happy to announce out casino plan and today it's the first step.

We are setting up all kinds of unique actions for all players to compete and win a casino. The first one is a very simple one:

The Brothel Of Cali can be won by entering the lottery!

Everybody can participate because if you aren't high enough in rank the admin team wil hold it until you are ready. So what are you waiting for? Get your lottery tickets now! Just hit the game section and get your tickets now. You can buy unlimited for 10.000 a ticket.

May the gambling gods be with you.

The lottery wil draws a winner on 25-05-2017! Good luck.