Interview with "Sigilyph" one of the founders of "Medellin Cartel"

He Sigilyph,

- Please introduce yourself and spill as much as you like.
Well as long as we are talking about a virtual mafia world I will introduce myself as the virtual character Sigilyph. Most of the people I played with last round will know me as Sigi, one of the founders of La Famiglia.

- Congratulations on being the second active family on Mobstargame! You already have a team of well know players in the crew and named it "Medellin Cartel" can you explain that name?
First of all thank you. I think people who know the serie "Narcos" from Netflix will understand where the Medellin Cartel stands for. One of the founders of the famous cartel was Pablo Escobar. Pablo made a big name when he became one of the richest people on earth and feared people in Colombia by drug trafficking and selling coke to the world. We also want to bring fear and dominate in Mobstargame world like he did in Colombia.

- Is your crew an "open" crew? Can players apply for a spot?
At the moment the crew is open to anyone but once we are settled the crew will change to invite only. Because the council from Medellin Cartel consists out of active and skilled players from the past round we know we are in a big favor when it comes to recruiting loyal members. We only want the best and nothing less.

- What are you looking for in new members?
Loyalty. Without loyalty there is nothing to build on. Period.

- What is the philosophy of the family?
To be the best you have to beat the best.

- Do you have any plans which you can share?
At the moment plans are being made. Off course we already know what we want to achieve and how we want to do it. The community will soon see where Medellin Cartel is capable off.

- What has drawn you to the world of MobstarGame?

Mobstargame is one of the most complete browser based mafia games I know.

There are so much things to do and all elements in the game operate on its game economy. Also the administrator of Mobstargame is very active and always listening to his players and able to help them out best way possible.

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