First weekend: 100 gangsters signed up!


Thanks for the support. 100 sign-ups is awesome! Next target is 250 gangsters. The new concept of Free To Play is really taking of and we couldn't be more happy. For now we are waiting for the fist gangster family to evolve and take the first claim within the world of MobstarGame.

Gangster Family:
Yes, that's right you can become the don yourself. Make Corleone's empire seems weak and small. When you set-up your family you can also appoint a right and left hand (that makes a council) and after that you can appoint ministers, soldiers, constructors and much much more.

Awesome right? Join, rank up until local boss and start your imperium now! Why not? It's free. We let you know when the first families start in the world of MobstarGame. For now, play on!