Final announcement before 1.1 MobstarGame app release (iOS / Android): enhancements


Thanks for the awesome feedback. We decided to create some requested features in the 1.1 version for iOS and Android. We want to keep the releases coming and we are working hard to reach the 100% webversion on app as soon as possible.

So we already told you that we support "Personal Real Estate" and "Smuggling" in the 1.1 version as the first new features coming to the application. But we also wanted to add elements as requested by the community. So, we did. Because we want to update frequently and keep on rocking we keep the updates small. So besides these new features here are the enhancements:

- Products can now be tabbed on in order to get all the intel for your skill set;
- Show all is added to the news element on home;
- You can select the country you wish to start in (just like web);
- Added the warnings to missions (just like web) so you know what to do;
- Changed the home of the app and removed the shortcut to mission and made it jail. Also added a real time counter to show the amount of gangsters locked in jail;
- Added the shortcuts on home for the specific instant drug lab access and instant lead factory access;
- Of course we fixed the reported support calls (Thanks, please keep on reporting!).

1.2 is going to be awesome again. Keep you posted on theses updates also.

//MobstarGame team