Feature update: dynamic backfire settings as a gangster


As you all know.. We like dynamic gameplay. So here it is. Under "Settings" you know are the proud owner of a tab called "Backfire".
Set your backfire as a gangster. When you are under attack you can choose the backfire strategy. You are able to choose different strategies for different ranks of attackers.

We got three types of backfire:
1. “No backfire” means you don’t lose any bullets but you don’t damage your enemy in a gunfight.
2. “Shoot back with same amount” Is the option to shoot back with the same amount of bullets the attacker uses on you. So you do damage, but you might not kill your target.
3. “Shoot to kill” fire with everything you got. If that’s enough, you kill your enemy. If that’s not enough, your bullets will be gone, when you are not dead yet.

So what's your strategy? And what's the strategy of your opponent.
Good luck getting your killing spree on MobstarGame!

//MobstarGame team