Feature: "Real Estate" explained

As a true gangster, you’ll want some nice properties to make some extra cash, productions or more security for your empire. That's why real estate is a key feature within the world of MobstarGame. We have 6 types of real estate that a gangster can own.

A villa is all about protection and status. You’ll be much more imposing when you have a huge villa of course! Improving your villa will add more armor points to your skills and that makes it harder for your gangster to die of an attack from a rival gangster.

Drug lab:
Breaking bad stuff! Good drugs are produces by getting the right resources. This is why you can build your own drug lab, which you can use to sell resources to country drug stores. The country drug stores' owner will have to buy these resources manually from you which will increase your bank account!

Lead factory:
You can build your own lead factory where you produce lead. You can sell this to the bullet factory owners or donate it to your crew. It is a great way to stock yourself and fellow crewmembers, but you could also choose to become richer as well, of course. What's your strategy?

Stolen a nice piece from the streets? Cars can make you wealthy but within the world of MobstarGame it can even make you richer, but first you have to invest. Upgrade your cars through the garage and use them to drag race to other gangsters and make some nice cash. If you win of course.

You can build your own bar and sell some liquor or you could attract women to offer to the brothel which could make you some money. So how are your womanizing skills? Any preference for blond, red hair or a brunette? Make some nice cash out of the woman you pick up as they can be just by the brothels.

You can build your own stable where you can buy and maintain your horses. Train them to make them more valuable. They can be bought by the Horse Track owners in the different countries. You can also sell them on the black market to an investor.. Horse make some great profit and you might see your horse race and win you some nice cash.

All 6 types of real estate have 10 levels you can work on. You can see the progress bar just under the picture of the real estate you’re working on. When the progress is 100%, you’ll need to upgrade. The higher the level, the more expensive it becomes, but it also increases the benefits by each upgrade.

Hé gangster, you want to kick-off your empire? Sign up now and start building! Don't worry we don't have a pay-wall it's free to play. So join us and you might become the next godfather.