Beta Release (1.0) MobstarGame.com - The new mafia based MMORPG

We bring you the beta version of MobstarGame.com. It's BETA, so don't stress. Please report bugs, test and help us built the ultimate MMORPG within the world of mafia. The applications for iOS and Android are connected to the web platform and provide a real time data connection. So you can even rank up, kill or gain more power from.. anywhere. "I wasn't online" can't be an excuse anymore.

We created MobstarGame within the "SaaS" protocol. So we keep on developing the platform, bring new features, update security and of course squash the bugs. That's a promise. Further more we are alway's listening to the community, so please share your thoughts and ideas about making it an even better game for the future to come.

The basic elements of the game are entirely new. We bring you a "breaking bad" based drugs plan, crew positions, personal real estate, crew real estate, graveyard, achievements and so much more. Go ahead, try it out! Start playing MobstarGame.com for free and you might become the next godfather.

//The MobstarGame team