App update for iOS and Android with major crimes and much more


A new Android App update is live! The iOS-users can expect this update to be available in a few days as well, since iOS is a bit slower in accepting updates. What can you expect on this latest update of our maffia game application?

Major Crimes are available for all Android users!

Yes, yes, it was about time to add the major crimes-section to the application. Now, you can do the major crimes on the application as well. Earn more money, get more experience points and most of all: enjoy this added functionality, which you can use every 3 minutes!

MobstarGame Maffia App Update: Features

Besides the major crimes, the following features have been added or updated:

- You can now choose wether you want to show your 'Kills', 'Start date' and 'Start time' on your profile. Use Settings -> Profile to get to these options. For now, the text that describes the functions isn't visible, which will be fixed.

- Crew lead donations should be visible for the council and the minister of war from now on.

The following bugs have been addressed:

- It's not possible to rank real estate past level 10 any more

- Bought inventory items will now actually be added to your inventory.

- Inbox messages 'Delete all' button has been added.

Please keep the issues coming so we can fix them and update if needed.

Game on!

//MobstarGame team