2.22: revamp of the stock market

Revamp of the stock markets:

Based on the idea of @Robin we are proud to announce the integration of irl digital currency! Buy coins/shares in the stock market based on actual irl value! We removed the cap too, so you can invest and gamble as much as you like. The risk is yours just like IRL. You can select 10 different investments to purchase with your in-game cash. Money lost or won is all a part of the game.


All current stocks are paid to the users based on current value.


- The government owned bullet factories will only produce a new badge of bullets if the stock is 0;
- Made the hire new woman for your brothel more clear with a total amount of available spots;
- On switch of owner every casino will reset profits.

- Incorrect text on buying lead from players;
- Fixed a title issue on some properties on your properties page.

Stage one of the new inventory is also live but a WIP.
We are adding multiselect for global actions.
We also making sure you can start crushing damaged cars to bullets.