2.21 release :: Updated jail, horse tracks and fixed support calls


Version 2.21 is out now. It includes:

Horse tracks:
- The races are now available in jail. Watch your horse race and make you some nice cash;
- The horse tracks are now global casino's. Any player can bet from anywhere in the MobstarGame world to increase it's attraction and betting on your casino;

- The Grave Bombs can now be placed without signing the graveyard. Attack your enemies!

We combined the jails of all the countries into one massive MobstarGame jail. This should increase the possibility for a successful bust and mission. Also it should increase your ranking possibilities.

Anti Script:
- We updated the anti script policy with some enhancements, checks and new features. If you script you are banned for 10 years and lose all your privileges. So keep the game script free.

- Want to know who is online? Go to settings and active the online player list. This shows all online gangsters on MobstarGame in real time.

Support calls fixed:
- Fixed a typo in the mail (missing hour)
- Fixed a booze issue
- Fixed the constructor equipe issue