2.21: Revamp of the mailbox, tweaks & support calls resolved

A new version is out now!

New mailbox

Yes, there we go another revamp and improvement done. The new design for the mailbox is live. You can now archive and delete (multiple) selected messages, it's more clear we offer a mass message option within the game (paid feature) and made that more clear with the honor sign.

Also to make it more clear what inbox has a new message, we made the new inbox red to show it's holding new information for you. No more searching what mailbox got what intel.


- We increased the change to steal the brand new special event car. It should be hard, but this might be a bit too hard. (that's what she said)

- When stashing cash in one of the main country UG banks, you don't get to see which of the UG banks it was. It shows Ugbanker instead of The Netherlands/Colombia/USA. We edited the content for this message.

- **Garage update: ** We maximized to 10 cars per level. Owners of level 1 garage can hold 10 cars and then with every extra level they can hold 10 more. So max 110 cars in stock in the end. (players without a garage can also hold 10 cars)

- The top menu right on your logo now shows the families your accounts are in too make that more clear.

Support calls resolved:

- The reported timer issue on detectives running in the - is now resolved;

- BMW M760 background issue is resolved;

- When you own a liquor store we disabled the bar feature to make it more clear it auto sells you liquor through the stores;

- We fixed the information on holders page (dicegame roulette etc) with some minor styling solutions;

- Killjob gave a "user" in stead of the actual player name. This is now resolved. The rest of the killjob issues are high priority issues to us, but we couldn't get that stable just yet;

- On mobile version search when you tab the search bar it doesnt auto zoom in anymore, which was really annoying.

- Bars in the mobshop are out of place on product detail pages in the mobshop.