2.20: Weekly in-game events launched, new lottery system and more

Brand new lottery:

1,000 honor + 10,000 bullets + 50% of every ticket is now the new prize pool of our bi-weekly in-game lottery! Get your tickets now for $10,000

Weekly in-game events

- Team work (+15% pay out on organized crimes)

- Ain't no party (+10% on drug sales)

- Producer (+20% production of lead in your lead factory)

- Growth Hacking (+10% XP)

- Car Theft event with 3 unique cars that you can only steal during these weeks.

These cars are connected to the new OC's! One week it's event list and then the other week we have the car theft special! First one to steal a new car gets an undergound bank too!


- We changed the grave robbers. Each rob on a grave is now a random hit of 7-15%. Each grave can only be robbed twice. Over the remainin amount you get 50% insurance pay out. So keep that in mind on purchasing either of the articles.

- When a casino has no owner, make the button say:

"No owner, own this for $100,000"

- Mobile stats:
- Top 5 most notorious gangsters (please remove the capitals on each word for all items. Only the first word is with ca capital)
- Minor styling tweaks / data tweaks done for this page.

Support calls

- Players online listview on a 13" was broken we fixed that;
- On demoting a member it looks like you are demoting yourself. It should say the name of the user, not the person who demoted him/her. We fixed that;
- Sticky button issue on my mac screen is fixed - https://gyazo.com/4799edb43707f09ed0bc4a29214e8125 The stash list-view for owners freaks out on pagination. This is now resolved.