2.19 release: Animation added to streetrace, added kill verification and 10+ other enhancements


- New add on for “Streetrace”: 

When you challenge for a race you will see an epic race track with your cars racing. We got some minor tweaks to do (see cars spinning in the corners and the start isn’t perfect yet, but we love it).

- New add on player profile:

Epic Freddy Krueger icon. If you press it you can check if that account killed an account. It’s expensive: 1.000.000 but besides the witness statements this is another way to get your revenge. You get instant feedback in the displayed pop-up and you get an in-game mail

- Updated and tweaked the performance

- Cancel on a OC is now always available without cooldown.

- When you bet on a horse the results of the race are now also send by mail. This way you actually know what you win or lose.

Added community requests:

Added a request by 9th Wonder:
- "The race holder does not have enough cash!"
Races should be scrapped when the organiser doesnt hold enough money any more, or something like that. It’s live!

Added a request by Johnny Blaze II:
- Can we add a "hookers rented out" overview in the bar? Yes we can, and we did. It’s live!

Added a request by Xelm the Risen:
- Can we tweak the best player part?
Yes, we did. It’s now about XP, money, bullets, kills and much more. So more dynamic results and more switches in the future.

Added a request by Johnny Blaze II:
- A very smart move: add Skype of Mobstargame to the welcome mail to new gangster. Done, and we will become more active again on Skype.

Added a request by Xelm the Risen:
- We introduce a special “MobstarGame” inbox so all in-game mails come in a separate mailbox then your in-game community mails. Should become more easy to keep track on the stuff that’s going on.

Added a request by Sigilyph:

- We added the current Poker games with the (number) function behind Poker. Good lucks at the tables.

Added a request by Lorenzo Domenici:

- We added checkbox to GTA at inventory and to your mailbox. It’s easy now to select the mails or cars you want to take action on. So make your selection and carry out the action you want.

Added a request by almost the entire community:
- Getting shot is part of being an epic gangster… But which family got shot is important as well. So we added the crews to the dead accounts. You can check the crew the gangster belong to.


- Brothels aren’t making cash;

- New timer issue due to wintertime;

- The dropdown in the pop up of the lead factory in added on all accounts (awkward) 

It’s live!

//MobstarGame team