2.19: revamp of the police station, new mobile menu

A new version is live. Here are the points covered in the 2.19 update:

Restyling of the police station:
It's live! We restyled the police station! Same features, same look and feel as the rest of the redesign.

Mobile update - New menu live:
- The brand redesign of the mobile menu is now live.
Another checkmark in the list of work for the mobile version.

Small tweaks:
- We added an hitlist icon on the players profile;
- We added a banned icon on the players profile;
- Added missing information of Crew on Roullte and Dice Game.

Support calls resolved:
- Upgrading crew property fails POST is now fixed;
- Fixed an issue reported with the wrong information displayed on the casino pages;
- Fixed an issue with 500 error on the kill job invites;
- Styling Issue of Orgainization Crime Page for Extortion for button;
- Fixed this issue: https://gyazo.com/dd1f93fc1f9d28e6e66cb957a4d1b819
- We added a timestamp of the FBI raid in the message;
- Next to real time succes message when you do it, we do an hourly check on failed once.