2.18 release: 10+ community request, multiple enhancments and support calls fixed!


Added a request by Bambi the Cow:
- }:O smiley is added and shows an epic cow. Moehhhhh

Added a request by Sigilyph:

We added the open street races in the menu left with a (open race) number. Just like jail and mailbox.

Added a request by HolleBolleGijs:

The money made on the Production Job is now added in the mail messages.

Added a request by Chorizo & Most Wanted:
You can now buy bullets in a batch in stead of all at once. This should create more sales in bullets.

Added a request by Chorizo:
You can now cancel the bullets you added to the black market.

Added a request by Hypnotic:
The “Chat” is now an in-game feature. We will expand in the future but first steps are taken.

Added a request by Chorizo:
Inventory -> Sell all cars now have the option to sell them all, or all the cars with the exception of the cars on the black market.

Added a request by A. Lincoln & Koekdeeg:
When you sign-up for an Organized Crime (OC) you can now “cancel” when you want to go offline.
So being offline is no longer an excuse and might get you killed. 

Added a request by Band of Brother:
We made the offering of lead in terms of pricing more dynamic:

With a low price $399 a kg
With a medium price $499 a kg
With a high price $599 a kg

Bullets can become cheaper as well, but that’s up to the community.

With a low price $599 a bullet
With a medium price $699 a bullet
With a high price $799 a bullet

- We tweaked the in-game chat. The resizing of the screen is now remembered through the game. So you can keep it in the browser but still play it.
- Tweaked the damage done in a race (less) and improve now gives you a more dynamic % (more)

- Added a tracking pixel for the marketing campagne with A4G.com
- Added Bulletfactory owners as a casino to a players profile.

- Added Country Drug Store as a casino to a players profile.

- Added the country you are dominating as a a crew on the crew detailpage. 
For example 2% of the Netherlands is now added (it was only the 2% before)
- We added a pop up for players who are not paying and reach hitman to make it more clear for them that ranking past 100% is fine but with payment they can do more stuff. And we think it's kind of epic:

- We added the amount of women working for your brothel on the right side of you property.

- We added brothels to the country list view under the casino’s. Including the women working their and the space available in the brothel


- Lead sell issue;

- Vacancy of dead people are still open;
- Fixed pagination issue in the black market;

- Chat is not default anymore when you open a page;

- Multiple street race issues are resolved;
- Fixed issue when players miss shooting at the kill job and it should fail but it doesn’t;

- Kill bug on rank payout is resolved;
- Refresh issue on buy lead / update money status.