2.17 release :: Rewards for busting, added jail sitters, new stocks and much more


We updated with version 2.17: 

- We updated the financial market with the honorpoints section. You can now pay players in Honorpoints. It’s a “payed members” only feature to avoid abuse and costs 25 honorpoints for each transaction. So make sure it’s worth it.

- Under the honorpoints we added a listview with your last transactions. You can also add a message to your transaction to notify the receiver.

- We updated & fixed the stocks with a third business to buy stocks from. The stocks are also moving a bit more then before. Make money or lose money, be careful with it. Stocks are a risky business.

"Boosters INC" is a new stock trade you can place your money in as an investment.

- Updated the prices for drugs! You can now make up to $ 3.000 a kilogram you smuggle from one country to another.

- We added an automatic payment section to the financial market. This way you can make auto payments to a player, crew and select a period (like every day, week or month) and of course the amount. This way you can pay your family or friends!

- We also added an overview with your automatic payments. You can pause it, re-active or remove it entirely.

- We added a “bust out of jail” reward system. You can now hand out a cash reward so players wish to bust you quicker then other gangsters in jail. Rich players get out more quickly and new players have an extra way to make some cash. All is default $ 0.00 of course and the payments are added to your listview in jail.

- We updated jail with the new money pay option for gangsters.

- We introduce the “hire a jail sitter” option. If you want to rank quickly or get your missions done you can hire a “jail sitter” for $100.000 a hour. This person is in jail for 60 minutes and you can keep on busting him/her. A very nice way to rank up or get your missions done, right?

- We extended the auto refresh time with 100%. So double the time before refresh making it easier to make a long message in the forum.

- We tweaked the XP of the shooter some more.

- Bullets are now limited on rank until you become a local boss.
 So let’s talk numbers:

Bacteria max 250 bullets

Low Life max 1.000 bullets

Apprentice max 2.500 bullets

Hitman max 5.000 bullets

Assassin max 25.000 bullets

Local Boss + is unlimited in numbers.

Fixed support calls:

- We fixed the support call when old members receive the crew message;
- We fixed the stocks, they are moving again;

- We fixed the support call when you are the only one left in the Production Job it would give an error
- We fixed the support call when you die during a OC you still get payed on your new account;
- We fixed the support call with constructors who are dead are still assigned;
- We fixed a pop up issue on crew real estate;
- We fixed the stats with incorrect data being displayed at the casino’s


Enjoy! It’s alive and kicking.

//MobstarGame team