2.17.1 patch is live with performance enhancement

Support calls fixed:

- The quote on players profile is a darker color then the rest of the profile. It also misses the " in front and behind the quote;

- FBI raid lost the image in the pop-up, that is resolved now;

- Fixed typo's in welcome message & under family the activity bonus;

- Logs of drugs tells the kg-price. Not the total price/profit;

- Can't reset profits on casino's.


- Added pagination on the logs section of family;

- On mobile the time left for users is added to jail;

- Mobile -> Search includes now families, rank, direct mail and hitlist option;

- Made player icons an active object to the players profile (stats for example).

Worked our asses off to fix the performance issue. A giant time consuming fucking task. But we did it.

Sorry for the issues with that, this did not reflect on test and was a live issue.

Note: Domination and countries is still below par and will be point of attention in the next release.