2.16 release :: 10+ enhancements, tweaks and multiple support calls fixed

- We added a request by “Resolve”
The in-game cash prices are added to the Mobshop.

- We added a request by “InOffensive” and “46Roning”
You can now repair your broken gun. 1% fix costs you 5.000 because the gun is “dirty” but you can repair it up to 100%! Check it out under your inventory.

- As announced in the Mobstar Forum we remodeled the XP needed in the different ranks.
To make it to godfather is now a lot easier. We needed to tweak the other ranks because of that.

- Tweaked the kill section. Tweaked the power of the skill set, it’s a bit more easy to kill.
Also increased the defense elements. Backfire is stronger now. But if you don’t use your skills in a smart way (for example just to produce) you remain vulnerable.

Please keep that in mind with the set-up of your gangster.

- Tweaked the bullet prices and lead purchase prices. A bullet is now available for 799 and lead can be bought for 599. 1 KG of lead is still worth 4 bullets.

- We updated the forums with an auto update function. A new message will be loaded in the forums once another player comments in the forum.

- Tweaked the amount of XP on an OC! Extortion XP points is doubled!

Fixed support calls:
- Fixed the minister of communications issue with mails deleting;
- Fixed the “reship” of shipped cars issue. Be careful, they can still be discovered at the customs department;
- Fixed issue with expired crew invites;
- Fixed the issue with taken crew names;
- Fixed the dead account holding CDS.
- Fixed a text issue in callback when selecting the hide function for crewmembers
- Fixed the grave robbery “something went wrong” issue
- Fixed the crew data on donations from members who join the crew
- Fixed the drop a car issue with X not working