2.03 release MobstarGame - The mafia based browser game

- Character under profile. This is a basic “view” for you as a gangster, not yet visible for your enemies. Later on your equipped items will be displayed here when a detective finds you. So you can better calculate what you need to shoot your enemy.

Asked by “Bannie”
- Add a warning on real estate as you have to start again on level one. Is added, thanks for the feedback;

Asked by “The Butcher”
- When a crew gives you bullets, send out a message. Is added, thanks for the feedback;

Tweaked the settings for:
- Gambling got a bit more interesting. We tweaked the settings. Please verify;
- Jail: When you reach 100% jailbusting, you'll become better at it. Please verify;
- OC is a little bit more easy, also the leaders can see when action is required by his team. Please verify.

- Uploading a picture in your crew main chat header gives an error --> "Please contact support”;
- When i want to remove a topic in the Crew Forum the topic message is removed but the actual topic still exists;
- No image at the bullets achievements;
- Achievements not shown on profile after enabling;
- Also receiving this message after enabling: "Your selected countryflag will now be displayed on your profile.”
Now the message is changed to "You setting has been stored" because the setting include several elements;
- Special character reply issue in the mailbox;
- When you go to the next step @ tutorial, you'll have to scroll back up again;
- After OC the WE loses his weapon is fixed;
- Issue with call back GTA on car name;
- Issue with the car name when it’s dropped;
- Casino stays for sale at blackmarket after dropping;
- Fields grey - typo issues reported when editing or setting up forums posts or messages;
- Fixed the support form under FAQ.

Thanks for the great feedback.

//MobstarGame team